NS-SN Interaction

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Summary Table
Category Progenitor Type Energy Mechanism Emission Mechanism Counterparts References Brief Comments
LF Radio HF Radio Microwave Terahertz Optical/IR X-rays Gamma-rays Gravitational Waves Neutrinos
Shock Interaction NS-SN Interaction Single Mag. reconnection -- Yes -- -- -- Supernova -- possible GRB (low flux) -- -- http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2009AstL...35..241E

Definitions: LF Radio (3 MHz to 3 GHz); HF Radio (3 GHz to 30 GHz); Microwave (30 to 300 GHz)

Model Description

This theory posits that an FRB could be formed when a supernova shock interacts with the magnetosphere of a NS in a binary system. When the shock encounters the NS magnetosphere, it sweeps out a magnetospheric tail, which triggers reconnection and hence emission.

Observational Constraints

A GRB is expected, but with a low flux that may be difficult to detect. A core-collapse supernova is expected to be coincident with the FRB.