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This is the FRB Model template.

To use this template, include it in your page with along with its parameters:

|Category               = Merger
|Progenitor             = NS-NS
|Type                   = Single [Single/Repeat/Both]
|EnergyMechanism        = Mag. reconnection
|EmissionMechanism      = Curv.
|LFRadioCounterpart     = Yes (excluding self absorption)
|HFRadio_Counterpart    = Yes 
|MicrowaveCounterpart   = Maybe
|THzCounterpart         = Maybe
|OIRCounterpart         = No
|XrayCounterpart        = Afterglow
|GammarayCounterpart    = Yes, if jet aligned
|GWCounterpart          = Yes
|NeutrinoCounterpart    = Not detectable
|References             = http://URL1, http://URL2
|Comments               = None

Error: "References" cannot be used as a Cargo field name, because it is an SQL keyword.